We have a variety of cutting-edge plants, punches and robotic-supported presses. Extremely short and efficient communication channels enable us to ensure individual planning and implementation in close cooperation with our customers.

Our technologies – for customized solutions

The THL technology (Tailored Heavy Layer), which we use for making sound insulation of PUR foam and heavy foils as weight and function optimized as possible, is a very good example for customized efficiency. After the first series application in the VW Passat, the next series application is currently being developed.

Our products – virtuosos in application

The DFA Bielefeld GmbH offers a wide variety of products and services:

The following exemplary components are used at various parts of the automotive sector, such as the end-wall region (inside, outside), but they can now be found in almost all interior areas as well. The materials and component properties are also very different. They are used for airborne sound absorption and airborne sound insulation.

SONOZORB - best absorption, lowest weight

SONOZORB is a brand name of our partner GDC Inc. in Goshen, Indiana. Together, we are able to offer absorber-fleece produced by a melt-blown process on different continents. Under the name SONOZORB B. we produce different variants exclusively for the European market.

Meanwhile, our product has been released for many OEMs and first Tier customers and is used for series production in various areas (exterior and interior). All details can be received on demand at one of our OEM sales colleagues or our specialists.

PurReact – the permanent hotmelt solution for all industrial applications.

In addition to our strong spirit of innovation we are known for both, fast implementation as well as our creative, customized solutions. In recent years, our longstanding PUR competence has been extended to PUR hot melts.

Whether applied for high-quality soundproof systems as foam, or used as a biocompatible material for medical products, or in industrial high-performance coatings and adhesives - Polyurethane is the base.

Regarding its variability of features polyurethane is considered unique. Being a chemically and thermally stable polymer, PUR is suitable for demanding tasks with high demands on the quality, which explains all industries’ growing interest in this plastic.

Acoustic Module System - Acoustic in Rooms

Meanwhile DFA has used their acoustic-, material- and process competence, to develop the acoustic module system (AMS). It is a variable useful wall absorber for offices, conference rooms, kindergartens, schools etc. Also movable walls and desk shielding can be made excellent, because they also can be used as a pin board. Usually the single modules are mounted with press buttons. Therefore complete applications are easily replaceable and changeable.

To guarantee that your acoustic problems are really solved by AMS, we can provide rental modules which can be tested locally. And if they do not fulfill the expectations, the modules can be removed without leaving any residue.
Please contact our specialists if you are interested.

This product was developed as a part of an InnonetBL Project.

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