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Sono E3 - unique antiviral AND certified mask 100% from Germany

The DFA group of companies has been producing mouth and nose protection masks since the beginning of the pandemic. It all began on 20.03.2020, when the meltblown facilities in Bielefeld were converted to masks and produced in Goslar. Initially, mask kits were produced and delivered as such in large quantities with a special BfArM approval.

In the meantime, we have received certificates according to EN 14683 for Type II (Sono E5), Type IIR (Sono E6) and most recently also an EN 14683 Type II certificate for the unique antiviral AND certified mask (Sono E3).
This mask is particularly suitable for non-medical users, as after one hour 99.9% of the viruses on the outside of the mask are killed!
The special fleece material is certified in its antiviral and antibacterial effect, a release according to the biocide regulation is also available.
Behind it is the DFA-own meltblown fleece, which filters out >98% of the bacteria.

All DFA masks have a special design based on FFP masks, so that the Sono masks fit much tighter to the face and thus offer wearers and the surrounding area a much higher level of protection against viruses than the classic wrinkled masks.

The antiviral E3 mask thus offers the best possible protection for the pandemic, while at the same time offering high wearing comfort and low breathing resistance.
Certification according to EN149 is also currently being worked on.

DFA produces its own meltblown nonwovens for the masks on nonwovens lines in Bielefeld. An additionally procured plant has been subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.
The universal mask lines for all our masks are operated in Goslar.

The masks can be ordered online directly from DFA in Goslar or in smaller quantities from our webshop partner.
For larger quantities please contact Dr. Dopheide.



Focus Business: DFA Bielefeld GmbH is a TOP employer in medium size business 2018.

For the first time, FOCUS BUSINESS in cooperation with has awarded the "TOP Employer Mittelstand 2018" award in German-speaking countries. The DFA Bielefeld GmbH has directly convinced with place 20 among the medium-sized automotive suppliers (DACH) and thus places itself among the 1,300 most popular medium-sized employers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Focus-Business and the market research firm Media Market Insights (MMI) evaluated around 13,000 data sets with more than 324,000 employee opinions from the Kununu review portal. Companies with at least eleven and at most 500 employees were considered. In order to make the final selection, they had to meet certain criteria - for example, be rated at Kununu with 4.12 out of 5 points or better and have a minimum number of current Kununu ratings.
Among the 1300 companies are only 7 companies from Bielefeld.
Many thanks to the employees and applicants who have rated us so positively, and to all those who contributed to this good result.


Acoustic Module System – Acoustic in rooms

In the meantime DFA has used their acoustic, material and process Know-how to develop an acoustic module system (AMS). The AMS product is a multiuse able absorber for offices rooms, conference rooms, Kindergarten or Schools etc. Also moveable walls and desk isolations can be created very well with the AMS, because they can also be used as a pin board. The single modules are fixed with push buttons. Therefore the applications are easy interchangeably. 


Language lessons for employees at DFA Bielefeld

Since November 19 employees have started with internal German language course. The staff is motivated and very interested. The lessons start before or after the worktime and are at the DFA meeting room. The lesson helps to improve the skills of employees at their workplace. Because of the different language skills, the small group helps each other and this has also a positive effect on the team work.

DFA Bielefeld is very happy, that the course is going well and that the communication has changed at the company. For the start 60 lessons are planned for every employee till winter 2017.


First Serial Production for new PUR-Hotmelt- Production line PurReact®

After the successful development and the initial sampling process, the new PUR-Hotmelt-Production PurReact® has started the production. The Know-how of DFA Bielefeld is now transformed into a complete new product. A very special feature at the production from PurReact® is the adaptability and the good processability of the Hotmelt at the production machine from customers.


DFA acquires 100% of the Golf VII bulkhead production

After only 5 months project time prior to Volkswagen’s decision, the DFA Bielefeld takes over the production of the complete Golf dashboard insulation in Europe. In order to accomplish the task ahead, more modern, modular production capacities have been put into operation successfully. The DFA has once again proved its capacity to implement such projects professionally - in record time.


DFA puts second meltblown system into operation

With the successful commissioning of the second equipment mid-2015 the DFA Bielefeld has doubled its production capacity for the product line SONOZORB B. In addition, further product improvements have been made regarding acoustic levels and flammability.


DFA Bielefeld and Goslar set up joint subsidiary, the DFA US Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Founding the DFA US Inc. initially served the purpose of ensuring the successful production of Volkswagen‘s end wall insulation for the SUV Cross Blue in Chattanooga. The SOP will be carried out in December 2016. Modular plants will be built modeled on DFA Bielefeld’s example and will then be transported to the US to be put into operation there by spring 2016. Project Partner here is UPC in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.


DFA starts producing end wall insulation for the new VW Passat in THL technique

The official kickoff for the series production of the new VW Passat also started the series production of the end wall insulation in THL technique for the DFA Bielefeld. Ultramodern and energy-saving plants were put into operation for calendaering, thermoforming, foaming and cutting. Special emphasis was also placed on ergonomics and sustainability. Furthermore, the number of modular systems of DFA Bielefeld increased considerably.


DFA opens trade office in Spain

By signing the cooperation agreement with Peracell SA, the DFA Bielefeld opens a sales representative near Barcelona. Joan Raventos and his highly motivated team supply the markets in Spain, Portugal and France for the DFA Bielefeld. First priority is the marketing of SONOZORB B, which is exclusively developed and produced by the DFA Bielefeld in Europe.


DFA receives Volkswagen Group Award 2013

Dr. Christoph Freist personally received the coveted Volkswagen Group Award 2013 in the "Hidden Champions" category by Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn and Dr. Garcia Sanz. During the eulogy both, the excellent support at the of the VW Golf VII’s start of series production, as well as the highly innovative THL technology, which will first be applied to the new Passat series, were equally mentioned. THL, short for Tailored Heavy Layer, describes a process by which heavy-layer thicknesses can be varied relatively inexpensively inside one component. It is based on the established heavy foil technique, which uses a component-specific calender roll. Thus, by using cost-effective materials and tools changeable thickness distribution can be obtained comparably simply. The corresponding weight loss here refers to realistic local acoustic phenomenons.


DFA puts first melt-blown system for SONOZORB B absorbers in operation

The DFA Bielefeld has been cooperating successfully for some time with the company GDC Inc. Goshen, Indiana concerning manufacture of absorbers based on meltblown technology. While the process and material know-how for SONOZORB B comes from the DFA Bielefeld, the GDC as the owner of the trademark rights puts the brand name SONOZORB the DFA Bielefeld’s disposal for Europe. Meanwhile, first orders for series production have been received by VW, so the series production of absorber in Polo, Sportsvan and Phaeton will start soon. By summer 2014, the VW Passat will have followed.

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